Paul Delima Museum Tours

Is your group looking to visit a local Central New York Museum and Manufacturing company?

Schedule a tour at our Coffee Museum located at the Paul Delima Roasting Plant in Cicero, NY. We conduct a classroom session that provides interesting information about growing processes, roasting, packaging, and quality control testing. Knowledgeable Delima Associates will answer your questions. Our museum facility can accommodate large group. There are no fees for group tours.

Tour Itinerary (45 minutes - 1 hour)
Complimentary coffee - take a test drive of our favorite coffees
Introduction speech about Paul Delima Coffee
Two short-films
Question & Answers
Take a walk around our museum
Visit our factory store

Please contact us for more information and to schedule your visit. CLICK HERE

Unguided museum visitors are also welcome! Come in, grab a cup of complementary coffee, and take a walk around our museum at any time.
  Paul Delima Museum & Tours