Quality Control

At Delima Coffee quality control is our highest priority. With quality control points at every step of the manufacturing process the quality of our final product is guaranteed to be exactly what it is supposed to be. Quality is a way of life, starting with management setting the example and creating an environment with high quality expectations.

Our quality control points begin with commodity supply inspections prior to purchasing. We evaluate, measure, and taste all green coffee that comes into our facility prior to purchase during what is known as a cupping process. Once we determine the coffee meets our specific quality requirements, we approve the container shipment. As it arrives at the port we test it again, and when it arrives at our docks to enter our manufacturing facility, we evaluate it yet again.

Once the green bean is in our facility it is run through the manufacturing process of roasting, grinding, and packaging. The coffee is evaluated each step of the way. We inspect thoroughly to ensure proper blending, roast color, moisture, packaging appearance, and oxygen levels for the purpose of making each bag of Delima Coffee perfect quality.

Paul deLima Coffee takes quality to its limits. We have a certified staff of quality control people actively monitoring each step of the production process every minute of every production day. We are currently certified *SQF, Fair Trade, Kosher, and Organic.

*SQF certifies the entire production process within the guidelines of our food safety plan.

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