Paul Delima Coffee

The Coffee Bean
Updated Monday 10 July, 2000
By Rob Carlton

It is a wonder that such hard-headed business and numerous romantic tales could be generated by a simple beverage. Billions from worldwide has got cured, enriched and fascinated by this pungent and dark liquid from its commencements to the present

Somewhere around 500 BC coffee plant had its origin of discovery in Ethiopia according to the majority dependable histories though countless other legends are there too. The name was acquired by it when travelers after observing its berries stimulating effects, brought it to Arabia from there.

Besides art and science Renaissance gave birth to what later would be named 'that heathenish liquid's' the known-world distribution and commercial production. By the end of the eighteenth century the plantations and the drinking popularity had infiltrated all social classes Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and North as well as South America.

Coffee is ascribed by miraculous health effects bordering around it throughout those lengthy centuries. Though, at the bottom remain some facts as is common to most affirmed miracles.

While debates of pros and cons of coffee rage, it has been labeled healthy for hearts alike wine. Nerve degeneration of long term is linked to stimulation from caffeine as asserted by some and also, frequent urination is encouraged as coffee is diuretic. Increased insomnia is a result of caffeine withdrawal. Also, caffeine is an insecticide of natural type.

Coffee is here to stay, for either ill or good. Just a close second commodity to oil in the dollar volume, its associated finances guarantee that virtually.

Growing in popularity this other 'black gold' which is annually consumed over 400 billion cups is traded on exchanges in Hong Kong, New York, Lima or London. Annually, total retail sales oscillates near the $9 billion level though (depending on country) daily only 10-20% of adults drink one or more cups.

The figures become astonishing when the number of grinders, brewers, roasters, raw beans, cups and even grind & brew coffeemakers bought for the home are added to those figures.

The future continuously looks bright for the coffee businesses as in both specialty retail prices and basic commodity a rise has been noticed. Worldwide, alone Starbucks has 10,000 plus outlets.

For a vast ranges of styles and blends the only outlet are not only specialty coffee shops. Growing ever since being invented in 1901, espresso can be enjoyed by both brewers and home roasters. With home machines now with snap double shots, straight shots or long shots can be made.

The legends maybe after all were not so far off with all that delicious variety, money and history.

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