Paul Delima Coffee

What So Great About Gourmet Coffee
Updated Monday 10 July, 2000
By Ivanovich Cuxev

There is something so relaxing and lazy about sitting at a table having an aromatic cup of coffee. It is hard to stop at one cup that is for certain. However, coffee isn't what it used to be. Since gourmet coffee has hit the shelves it is not longer just something to you do just to perk you up in the morning, it something you drink to enjoy the taste and irresistible flavor of these incredibly made coffees.

People who do not drink coffee often wonder what is so great about gourmet coffee. They ask whether it is made a certain way or it is the taste that lures you in. In fact, it is both reasons. Gourmet coffee is made from very high quality 'Arabica' coffee beans that are hand picked and thoroughly checked over to makes sure they are superior. Unlike commercial coffees that are machine graded, people that are experienced in gourmet coffee beans will be able to see if there is any dirt, leaves, or anything else in the beans that will spoil the taste.

The gourmet coffee beans are then treated with special oils after the roasting process which is what gives it the special flavor that is so tempting to drink. It is a blend of natural oils that are used for the coffee bean treatment. These oils are able to sustain a healthy shelf life without ever spoiling or losing it's characteristic flavors once mixed with the blend of your favorite type of gourmet coffee. The oils and the flavors neutralize each other so you get a very smooth taste without any overpowering blend.

Gourmet coffee is then roasted in a way that customizes the coffee for your taste. Using a light roast, you will contain the natural aroma without the overcooked taste that you find in many of the traditional coffees. Arabic coffee beans are ground perfect fineness to give you the best taste that you can have in a full bodied cup of coffee. There are gourmet coffees that use a more coarser grind to give a completely different taste. It is up to your personal preference as to which level of fineness gives you the best cup of coffee.

Finer grinds are similar to those found in espresso which has a great rich taste, but most gourmet coffee lovers will lean towards the coarse ground coffee powder. That gives the grinds time to mix with the hot water and really pull out the flavor completely, especially when made with drip type filters. What makes Arabica gourmet coffee so great is that the Arabica coffee beans are never stored in a warehouse so after harvesting, roasting, and grinding they go very quickly to the store in which you buy them.

What makes gourmet coffee so great is the way the taste makes you feel. There is no burnt flavor or heavy after taste. It is just pure delight when you drink in the fragrant, warm, and rich taste of gourmet coffee.

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