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Pointing Out State Products With Pride
Updated Monday 01 March, 2004
CICERO, NY - People who make or grow food in New York state want the public to know their products are made right here.

And with the help of nearly $325,000 in state grants, they will be able to get the word out to the state's consumers.

Last week, Gov. George Pataki awarded Pride of New York grants to help farmers and agricultural-bases businesses promote the abundance of food and agricultural products grown in New York state.

The grants help pay for 30 projects throughout the state that link individual advertising and promotional efforts of food and agricultural businesses with the Pride of New York program.

"We really want to get the message out there that the best turkeys on the market are grown here in New York", said Barbara Quijano, vice president of sales and marketing at Plainville Farms. She said Plainville birds are raised without antibiotics but with feed from the farm site that does not contain animal byproducts.

"With this marketing, the consumers will come to realize the significance of buying products that have the Pride of New York logo on them," she said.

Pataki said in a release that companies and organizations will use the grants to promote the quality of locally grown or made products, strengthen the agricultural industry and create jobs. The Pride of New York Cooperative Promotion grants provide up to $15,000 in matching money to members of the "Pride of New York" program for costs directly associated with the development of advertising or promotions.

Proposed marketing activities must promote the quality, value or availability of New York food or agricultural products and increase demand for such products.

Pride of New York promotion award recipients listed:

Paul deLima Co., Onondaga County, $5,500; place the Pride of New York logo on all new and existing grocery retail fixtures and delivery trucks.

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