Paul Delima Coffee

The Popularity of Single Cup Coffee
Updated Friday 07 July, 2000
by marcey barichello

Coffee drinkers love their coffee; some do the traditional drip brewing method, some do their own version of the drip brewing method, some just go to coffee houses and purchase their coffee everyday, and finally, the single cup coffee bunch. The K-cup is still relatively new for the coffee world so how has it done since its entrance into the world a few years ago?
According to the market trends that monitor sales, it would show that the K-cup coffee market has done pretty well for itself. The plastic pod that was once given the cold shoulder by the coffee aficionados has really been gaining their interest. According to market analysis, the sales for the new guy on the block have tripled since 2011; the sales have gone up 213 percent since in the past couple of years.
The single cup market has been growing and growing the past couple of years while the roasted coffee market has actually been taking a small dive; sales for that are expected to dip 2.7 percent. Recent surveys have stated that the coffee sales in the United States are expected to hit over$11 billion before the year is up (yeah, that is pretty close). That would mean the sales for US coffee consumption will have gone up 11.4 percent since last year. The single cup coffee sales currently take up approximately half of the sales volume of traditional coffee. With the emergence of the coffee pod, the market share for roasted coffee market have dropped to merely 52 percent of the deal; roasted coffee has just above half of the coffee sales in the US in 2013 compared to 67 percent from 2011.
Among young adults in the country, purchasing a single-cup brewer has grown quite a bit in popularity. In 2013, 36 percent of young adults own a single-cup brewing system or espresso maker compared to 24 percent from the previous year. For the more well to do young adults, consuming coffee via the coffee pod is gaining traction; reports state that 18 to 34 year olds who have salaries of $75k and up drink their great share of k-cups, coming in at 64 percent of their coffee consumption being k-cup compared to other methods. Even those who have salaries below $75k a year still drink a lot of single cup coffee, coming in at 51 percent of their coffee consumption.
The future looks bright for the pod, not quite so much for the roasted. With online national coffee distributors coming up on the internet, consumers can purchase their favorite brands from anywhere.

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