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Tips for keeping your coffee beans fresh
Updated Friday 07 July, 2000
By: Adam Akelis

Most of the people tend to purchase coffee beans and get confused about the following questions:

• How should I store it?
• Where can I protect it?
• What is the longing period for my coffee?
• How storing coffee is different from storing beans?

According to an article reviewed by National Coffee Association U.S.A (NCAUSA), the most excellent way to keep your coffee beans fresh is to keep it “sealed (airtight) and cool”. Preserving the freshness of coffee beans could be a complex task, because freshness gets worn out very quickly in unwarranted air, moisture, light or other wise heat. So keep your coffee beans in sealed glass or ceramic jug and then put it in a chilly as well as in the dark place. If you obtain your coffee beans in a bag or a container, which is not airtight you would have to put them in a sealed container and use them as quickly as possible.

Quantity to be purchased

You could purchase any quantity of coffee you want, providing you are going to use it within three or four weeks after you open it. The mainly momentous thing you should to keep in mind is about purchasing large amount is this: Once the coffee bag is unsealed it needs to be used within three or four weeks. Store it in a sealed jug during that time. Airtight bags or cans are fine; you just require keeping them in a cool and dark place.

Freezing of coffee beans

You may come across many special articles and effective opinions on freezing your coffee beans. Here are few things you require to remember: Beans are very durable by their own nature. When you are freezing coffee beans you are in fact locking it in humidity and stopping the chemical process. Once you take away those beans from freezer, you are letting them thaw out completely: this would take for about 4 hours. Further do take care to keep away from moisture buildup on the exterior on your coffee beans, this is known as abridgment and occurs when warm moist air comes in contact with a freezing surface. So, in a short – avoid freezing, but if you do, follow our dos and don'ts and you would preserve your freshness of coffee beans.
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