Paul Delima Coffee

Paul deLima brewing up coffee for nearly 100 years
Updated Tuesday 22 November, 2011

by Chris Shepherd

CICERO -- We're giving you an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at a well-known Central New York coffee manufacturer. The Paul deLima Coffee company has more than 6,000 commercial customers and more than 2,000 products, according to the company's website. And yes - there really was a Paul deLima. He started the company with his mother, Ella, in 1916. President Teddy Roosevelt gave it an endorsement while touring through the area, according to the Paul deLima website.The company has had several location changes It opened its current manufacturing plant in Cicero in 1990.

On Today in Central New York, we're taking a look at everything from the roasting station, to the line production, to where each cup of coffee is tasted, evaluated, and recorded.

Paul deLima brewing up coffee for nearly 100 years

Paul deLima Co., Inc. Announces Installation Of Solar Farm
Updated Thursday 11 August, 2011

Paul deLima Co., Inc., Cicero, New York today announced the installation of an 8kW Solar Farm to supply renewable energy to its coffee roasting plant located at 8550 Pardee Road; Cicero, New York (located adjacent to Interstate 81; north of Exit 30).

deLima President, Michael Garlick announced the installation of the deLima Solar Farm, stating, “Paul deLima Co., Inc. is pleased to announce another exciting renewable energy initiative. The installation of an 8kW Solar Farm at our Roasting Plant in Cicero will serve as further evidence of the commitment our company and its dedicated employees have made to being the most efficient and environmentally friendly purveyor of fine coffee products in the world.”

Mr. Garlick added, “Many companies talk about going green, at Paul deLima Co., Inc. we truly believe. In the past two years we have installed a wind turbine, and an energy efficient lighting system. We have diverted thousands of pounds of waste from local landfills by improving our waste and recycling operations and we have entered into an innovative program with SUNY ESF to use our coffee grounds to produce energy. Today, we have installed a solar farm. On behalf of our employees, we are proud to say that when it comes to our commitment to the environment, we believe our actions will pay dividends to our customers, vendors, and the community.”

The 8kW Solar Farm being employed by Paul deLima is supplied by Warner Energy LLC, the same company that installed the 10kW Wind Turbine on the property nearly two years ago. Warner Energy LLC, located in Liverpool, NY sells and installs solar farms to commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential clients. The 8kW deLima Solar Farm is the second solar farm installation completed by Warner Energy in Central New York this month (the other is at the Warner Energy LLC headquarters, 7526 Morgan Road in the Town of Clay). The 8kW deLima Solar Farm and the 10kW deLima Wind Turbine will work in tandem to offset a portion of power required to operate the Paul deLima Co., Inc. roasting facility and have a combined potential generating capacity of 18kW of power. Paul deLima Co. is currently working with National Grid to obtain approval for an Interconnection Agreement which will allow excess power generated by the deLima Solar Farm to be exported to the power grid and used by other National Grid customers as well.

”Producing renewable energy on-site has great value for our company, our employees and our customers. By purchasing Paul deLima coffee products, our loyal customers can experience the enjoyment of our great coffee products, and also gain satisfaction with the knowledge that they are actively participating in helping to create a cleaner environment and by utilizing products produced from a company committed to reducing its carbon footprint and utilizing natural sources for clean energy.”

Paul deLima Co., Inc. is one of the largest coffee roasters in the Northeast. Upon completion of coffee roasting and packaging, deLima products are sent to the deLima Distribution Center located on Morgan Road; Liverpool, New York where the product is prepared for shipment throughout the United States.

Coffee company installs solar panels to power roasting plant
Updated Wednesday 11 August, 2010

Cicero (WSYR-TV) - A coffee company that already uses a wind turbine to generate power for its roasting plant in Cicero has recently added another green power generator. 160 solar panels were recently installed by the Paul deLima Company.

Paul deLima has been roasting coffee beans for the past hundred years and selling their products under brand names from all over the world. Their roasting process has become more automated over the years, and also eats up more energy. The coffee maker and it's sister company, Warner Energy, say the use of green power to meet some of their needs fits perfectly with their other green initiatives.

"We work with local colleges that take our spent grounds and use them for compost, we recycle all our burlap bags, our entire facilities are both recycled for paper and for plastic," said Paul deLima President Mike Garlick.

The company says the combination of the turbine and the new solar panels will reduce their power consumption by about 15 or 20 percent, even in the winter. In fact, Garlick says snow will actually clean the panels. "It does not need direct sunlight, as long as it has light."

There are 40 solar panels on each frame and in addition to using them at the factory in Cicero, panels were also installed at the distribution center on Morgan Road.

The company says it is working with National Grid on an agreement to allow excess power from the solar farm to be sent to the grid for use by other National Grid customers.
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Paul deLima brewing up coffee for nearly 100 years
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