Coffee Fundraising



Paul deLima selects the finest grade Arabica beans from around the world, then roasts, grinds and blends them into the richest coffees you will ever experience-all in-house from start to finish. Reasonably priced and very profitable for your organization to sell. Order forms are designed and provided specially for your organization. There are no hidden fees. Virtually every household, office and business buys and drinks coffee, tea and hot chocolate.


Step 1: Identify what products your organization would like to sell
Step 2: Contact Us - we will design a pdf file for you to print order forms
Step 3: Have members sell fundraising items to friends and family and collect payment
Step 4: Collect and tally the Order Forms and funds
Step 5: Place your final order for ther products with us
Step 6: Delima will ship your order for you to distribute to your members
Step 7: Your organization keeps the profits (you pay for only the cost of the products)

Paul Delima Fundraising


A Paul Delima Coffee Fundraiser features a variety of popular products that offer something for everyone!

CLASSIC BLEND - GROUND 12 oz. The Gold Standard. Our time-tested signature blend of Arabica Coffees. If you are undecided, make it Classic. Medium Roast.

CLASSIC DECAFFEINATED - GROUND 12 oz. Our time-tested signature blend of exceptional Arabica Coffees. The Classic way to enjoy decafe. Medium Roast

HAZELNUT - GROUND 12 oz. Savor the maturally creamy, nutty flavor of this exceptionally rich, smooth coffee

FRENCH VANILLA - GROUND 12 oz. This authentic aroma of vanilla is unmistakable and the flavor is pure, smooth and sweet

PAUL DELIMA ORANGE PEKOE TEA A blend of select teas from Indonesia, Malawi and China. 100 individually wrapped tea bags

PAUL DELIMA DECAFFEINATED TEA A select blend of naturally decaffeinated teas from Ceylon and Kenya. 100 individually wrapped tea bags

PAUL DELIMA DARJEELING TEA A blend of the worlds finest teas from India, Ceylon and Indonesia. 100 individually wrapped tea bags

Paul deLima Hot Chocolate Contains 50 1oz envelopes of instant mix

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