Coffee Distributor Program

Paul Delima Coffee Distributors

The landscape of the food service industry is always evolving. Our sales people help distributors generate business and we're used to working with food service sales people. We recognize the future of the coffee business has our people working side by side with yours, and we welcome that future.

Tenants of the our Distributor Model:


We will work with your sales team to teach them to be better suited to selling coffee. Whether they deal with White Tablecloth Gourmet Restaurants, Diners, or Convenience Stores we can educate your people on proper coffee servicing.

Sales Support

Our distributor partners take advantage of a full time staff support to come in and perform demos for their customers either at your office or in the field.


Customized Roasting

Proprietary blends are available for your company, our private label division can create proprietary coffees for distributors, and give you the competitive advantage of offering something no one else has.


Equipment and Service Assessments

Questions about brewing equipment. Let our representatives help maximize your potential by offering an equipment assessment to help define a clear plan.

Rebate programs

Rebate programs for marketing materials and point of purchase/point of sale materials to ensure you're never without options and your customer has the best opportunity to sell coffee.