How do I see my past orders?

At the top of your screen there is a link called, My Account. Click that and then under My Orders, you can click View the orders I have made.

How do you calculate shipping?

Shipping quotes and prices come directly from Fedex Quoting System live during checkout. It is based on order weight.


You can save on shipping by ordering more. If we were to send a package using Fedex to Ohio it might cost $16.00 for Fedex ground home delivery. If you were to double your order and make it 20lbs the cost to ship it would still be around $16.00. This makes each individual items shipping cost half of what it originally was.

The other way to save on shipping is to ship to a business address. A lot of times the shipping quoted to Fedex Ground Home delivery is higher than it would be if you were to ship to a business address. You can use the business address at work for example, with your name as the second line item, and your shipping prices will be lower

How does the monthly subscription work?

By choosing "Yes" to the monthly subscription option during checkout you are agreeing to order that same item at the first of each month. A representative will contact you to verify the subscription. You may cancel your subscription any time. Each subscription is given a slight discount for the first order. Each additional order will be at full price. If you accidentally chose to initiate the subscription and took the discount we will have to charge your credit card the difference in price before sending out the order.


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